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Hi, I have a Phantom 320 2009, and am very enthusiastic about it (sailing 10 times more often than with my short boards, and always with great fun), but I also have an issue with mast pedal :

in forward position, it engages correctly with the rail, but it happens that I unwillingly walk on it while sailing, and it sometimes goes it its back position, then I have to stop to put it forward again. Is there a way to block the pedal in the front position ?

I also have issues with daggerboard manoeuvring. When it is fully up, I have to stop to pull it down with my two hands. It would be so much better if it could be easily handled while sailing. Any clue ?

If I may ask a last question, I observe it is necessary to purchase the specific mast foot otherwise you cant use the rear position of the mast rail (a standard mast foot would block the pedal up if put in the rear position). The mast foot sold by Starboard has a specific upper side, is it possible to disassemble this upper side to install a standard mast foot upper side ?

Despite these minor elements, thats a great great board. The question to know if I will have good conditions to sail is history, the question to know if I will have max fun from light to medium-strong wind is history. The board is interesting, performing, technical, challenging. I ordered the 2010 and cant wait to receive it.

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