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Hi Hispanico,

I agree with Roger, the GO 129 is actually a kind of cool cruisy slalom board. We used to have one in the shop and take it out for a spin every now and again and the performance is really good considering its traditionally seen as a more 'learner orientated' board. Can't beat the fact that it's almost impossible to put a hole in it, versus a full on slalom board which you will usually be taking to the repair shop the first time you drop the sail in a gybe.

As for sails, the AC-2 should be nice, but maybe even nicer could be the AC-0 8,1m. This is a no-cam sail and it's super light and has a little better bottom end because it's a deeper sail as the GO is a little heavier with the tufskin construction so might need a bit more juice. The AC-0 has the performance of a cam'd sail but is much easier to rig and lighter and more fun I think.
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