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Default Q for Remi, setup Isonic 145

Hi y'all, in an earlier post i raised the question about the setup of my new Isonic 145 (2007 model). I recently added some stuff to my slalomquiver. I would like to hear your opinion;

Isonic 145 with 11m Severne Code Red and a 60 cm Drake r13
Isonic 145 with 9m Severne Code Red and a 52 cm Drake r13
Aero 117 with 7,7m Severne Code Red and a 42 cm Drake Slalom Pro
Aero 117 with a 6,7m Code Red and a 42 Drake Slalom Pro

What d'you think? Does fin size match the volume and sailsize? I'm well experienced in wave and freeride but a relative virgin in slalom ;-) and i'm unexperienced in experimenting with fins.
I'm 1,90 and a little less than 90 kg.

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