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Default John I

Great thread. Kiting on waves, from what I've watched, seems quite disconnected compared to surfing or windsurfing them. Heard people that do both say the same.

I've been doing long board wave sailing for years. Go out in stuff that's way too light for kites. So much for windsurfing has been canceled, right? The mind set that wave sailing is for small gear only partially helped reduce our sport. Wife and kid syndrome did too. As did nintendo, overwork, and far too many other distractions.

On the spectrum of water activities from the standpoint of strenuousness: cruise ships to water polo. Windsurfing is tending toward polo, and kiting to cruise ships. I don't have time nor inclination to spend more of my days off getting fat. Shoot, this SUP thing is pretty insane at the moment. I sailed in 0-6 mph foggy 12 foot surf this past Sunday morning. What do I need a paddle for?
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