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Hallo Tmac! If you look in GPS-Speedsurfing com. there can you read what they use:
boards,fins,sails....... The fastest fins are at the moment asymm. fins for one way.
But only for one way. I work doubleasymm.fins for both tacks. They laughed over 20
years over my fins, but now made Thomas Döblin some month ago 50 knots topspeed.
Concaves and cut out at the base. 100% carbon. Worked in moulds. Rake 30°.
Between upright 15° and weedfin 45°. He used 22cm , the first time.
22cm is 28cm long. For 111 is 25-28 okay. 25 is 31cm long. 28cm is 35cmlong.
28cm should be better. For 133 is 32-35cm okay. 32 is 39cmlong 35 is 43cm
long. 35cm should be better. The fins have no spin outs.
Please look: www.designlessacher com. Rake 30° is not on the homepage,but if you
mail me, I send you pics. Wolfgang
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