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Default Deep Tuttle Fin Installation

Hi, I've just bought a deep tuttle fin box board (iS 121) in place of my old tuttle one (iS 122 2007) and I was wondering about the fin installation.
I saw the "installation guide" page on the web site but it's out of date..

Now, there is a rubber ring attached to the board, and no safety rubber washer was given to me, or metal rings or screws..

Someone told me to put a metal washer on the rubber ring on the board and that's it.

Someone else to purchase the safety rubber washer and put: one metal washer over the ring attached to the board, then the safety rubber washer and then the screw.

Last "theory": rubber washer attached to the board, then metal washer, then safety rubber washer, then another metal washer inside the safety washer then the screw!!

That's why I'm asking you here! :-)

Which is the correct installation for a deep tuttle box fin? Do I need the safety rubber washer? In this case I suppose I have to order it from the importer..

Thanks in advance for the answers and patience!
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