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I have been windsurfing since 1983 and am now 45 years old. A good friend of mine crossed over to kiting and never looked back.
He always liked high wind , lots of power , jumping, and so kiting for him was a perfect sport.
He is always telling me to get a kite. Ive tried it just , and I dont like the fact that all that power 75 feet away on line cannot be controlled 100% of the time.
Ive been dragged by the kite in light winds ...face down in the water harness on light winds !
NO way
On the contrary If you need to depower windsurfing, you simply dump your rig.
Kiting on ice in my area has taken off like crazy. But there is no comparison with kiting on ice and snow and water.
I would say less then 10% can make the transition.

I find that on my old formula with my 9.5 i can still plane . Thats when the kiters here either dont have the huge kites needed , or dont have the experteese to keep a big heavy kite in the air, continually spiralling to keep power .
Any lighter air then that well i do have other things to do.

winter kiting would be an option but i, prefer to skii or work more in winter work for those winter trips to maui etc, and make money for more time off in the summer.

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