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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi deja vu,

wondering have you compared going upwind with a weed fin and normal slalom fin?

(i had one of my fastest speed run with a retro too!)
Whether it is Cape Hatteras, Florida or your local spot weed fins can turn a frustrating day into something great. The True Ames weed fins have a lot of area for their size so they tend to be quite powerful and, for me at least, very good upwind. I tired the Drake slalom fins and I personally prefer my weed fins, especially where I sail. I moved from moderately expensive "normal" slalom fins to weed fins about ten years ago and have since avoided a lot of frustration. Expensive slalom fins are a necessity if you make your living racing, but for the rest of us just a waste of money, IMO. If your expensive fin is gummed up with weeds you're going to be beaten by the guy with the weed fin every time if he has a clue what he's doing.
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