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not exactly on North, but a Severne overdrive also a 3 cam sail...I usually calculate you need 15% more sail area to gain the performance of a non-cambered sail...that would mean to have the same feeling as on your 6m noncam you need a 7m 3 cam sail...this wouldbe even bigger if you go on pure slalom sail...I would almost compare my codered (4 cams wide sleeve) in 6.1 to a wavesail S-1 (which is not that powerful) in 4.3.

Big difference, but the speed and the stability is worth it.

have fun,
ciao michal.
I tried it out today and I felt the contrary. This sail, despite the low wind, had a lot of low end power and during the one good gust accelerated super quick to fantastic speed. Definitely more difficult to tack, and impossible to do a light wind jibe on (106l just sink when rotating the sail), but was fine during the one carve jibe I did. I think it will be great for straight line blasting.
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
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