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the reason i am surprised is:

one learns on a floater like my current 160
starts refining like going to formula or floaty 130
both can use the 8.5

now comes the interesting part - the next step down is around 110 liters
this is definitely a sinker and would require decent water-start skills, non ?
this is not impossible, but here summers are short
after 2 years on the 160 and only one with the 8.5, my water-starts still need work

my guess: nail the waterstarts n footstraps and count the days where a 110 with a 7.0 would work
imagine next sail down could be a 6.0 and then 5.0
staying in the area , i would say those days would be less than 10 per year
worth the investment ??? then again - there should be used boards in that range
joe windsurfer
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