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I`m with Farlo on this !

I stick my mast track at front in every boarrd I`ve got .Have done so for past 10 years.
Occasionaly experiment moving it back but never found any benefits only drawbacks. (later planing; bouncy nose)

Thought I was the only heathen !!!

(I justify it saying at 100k (+) all my board needs best early planing .

Listened to some fool in Feurte telling me to move track back for speed. I went back out and found I was 3 to 5 knots down; pushed it back to front and sailed past the "fool".

Even leave it at front with quite small sails !!!

Sorry !!!!!

Its one less thing to worry about adjusting ; for me anyway.

Seems a different issue for mates though; they all move it back with smaller sails !!! Which makes sense but doesn`t work fore me !!!
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