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Default Mast track tuning.

Thanks guys for your comments till so far.
Farlo; I do the same things with my sail and fin.I only change position (forward) to have more control f.e.
Unregistered guest: how do you change things to have more control or early planning?( not changing finsize,boomheight)
Coachg:I agree,that the settings in which you have control (=confidence) are the best.
The example of the Futura is not clear to me.The 93l is the same board as the 133l. They differs
in length and volume.In making a short calculation they have almost the same position in the track.(in regards till the length).So I think there are methods to calculate the position for the
The reason for my question is: If I am on the beach I see different settings with the same sailsize and finsize. I believe that if we four are on the same spot with the same board,
same sail,fin, we would have different settings.
Is there maybe a competition windsurfer for some comments?
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