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Hallo Lanee!The bigger sailor need more wind, that is not okay.A bigger hold the sail longer upright, so he makes more speed with the same sail how a not so big sailor.With
the same wind.
Not bigger sailor need more lift, heavier sailor need more lift.
But fins are pretty stupid. I worked out,35 points what a fin should can do. I give all
points in my fins, please no spin out. No problem when the fin is to long and so on....
They feel no sideway force. I worked the concaves so that they make more lift with
slow speed and with high speed is the lift reduced, so no problem with longer fins.
The Formulas need the bending of the fin to produce lift. The lift is there vertical.The soft fin is better to go earlier to plane, through the bending of the fin get you the most
time with speed the problems. I reduce the problems that a fin can make. Carbon fins
are in 100% carbon. No spin outs, fast and make fun. A fin is not pretty stupid.
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