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was in same boat as you - using a BIC Dufour Wing and later BIC Samba
both were great lake boards and actually used a 7.0 cammed sail :-)
enjoyed cruisin, blasting, trying to take kids etc

am also now 110kg - was about 120 kg 2 years - still workin on this one :-(

2 years ago i turned 50 {and have 4 kids with 1 university, 2 college, etc}

it was either a new digital camera or a new board
cameras go down and boards are still going up
purchased a 160 liter / 79 cm wide board for about $1500 - was older model but new

for one year i used old sails to get the hang of it
it still worked on the lake due to large 53 cm race fin

last year i decided it was time to put a bigger newer sail on
the sail brand i use now only goes to 8.5 non-cammed, but that is fine
with this sail and practice i discovered the difference between going fast and planing - bought 2 year old model cheaper with mast, boom $1000
now the lake is not looked for, but used when we are there :-)
i.e. never looked back
for next year i already purchased carbon boom used and 10.0 race sail with mast used - again looking for more TOW and not lookin back

btw purchased a used Nikon D-70 for about $200 - all worked out :-)

so, yes, if you love w/s and can do it bit by bit, it will cost about $2500
am i sorry, NO
my wife now says i love windsurfing more than her :-)
since i am a teaser , i do not respond @ all when she says that :-)

love your wife, family and kids as much as possible and treat yourself :-)
sometimes wish i could get my family into it more, butt maybe windsurfing is like a secret cult - keep it to yourself or the beaches get too crowded :-)

hope it all works out for you bud
from what i understand about SB, go for the GO

joe windsurfer

btw looks like GO 144 or 155 will do the job
next fellow says go for used
my issue was finding used in the above 150 liter range
moral of the story = DON'T STRESS
can you borrow stuff from anyone ??

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