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Originally Posted by joe_windsurfer View Post
wow, talk about rippin'

i have NO experience with that, but the james douglass sail calculator suggests 3.6 for your weight @ 25 knots and 3.0 for 30 knots

with that size, you might as well use your shorts as a sail :-)

man , the board must be tiny tooooo

good luck !!!
That calculator is completely ridiculous, it says I should be taking sails some times almost 1m less than I do take out.

I would go for a cross over sail, like a NP Firefly 4.1m or 4.5m. Will probably be better for racing than a full on wave sail.

That being said I have a HSM Smack in 5.3 for medium to high wind and it's great to have a bullet proof sail as you can go out stressfree.
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
175cm, 54kg
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