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Default Rapid Wear at Phantom 380 centreboard mounting shim pivot

The comment below was posted on the LBWS website. I am also having the same problem with my phantom 320 - 2009 model. my board has only had 5 months of regular use.

Has this question come up before on the forum? Does Starboard have a solution for this?

"I have been periodically checking and watching the pivot hole in one of the 3 mm thick GRP centreboard shims, wear on my new Phantom 380. The board is only 1/2 a season old and the pivot hole in one shim is already showing signs of enlarging. As I see it the shim wear problem could be reduced if the brass pivot pin was made slightly longer. The centreboard slot in my board is 30 mm wide, the brass pivot pin is 28 mm long, so the pin can “float” across the slot by 2 mm. The current system does not allow any “lateral control” of where the pin sits. In the worst situation the pivot pin would be seated fully in one shim (3mm) and be seated only 1 mm into the other shim. That is what I think has been happening with my board. I am thinking that if I make a new brass pin that is (say) 29.8 mm long, then the pin will only be able to “laterally float” 0.2 mm and therefore remain reasonably seated in each shim all the time. Is anyone else seeing the same sort of wear on their centreboard mounting shims at the pivot?"
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