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I say the following only to ensure you've condsidered all options. As I'm not a heavy weight, my comment above re formula is based on observation, not personal experience. I've seen poeple shlogging when they could have been planning. I would definitely say no to the full on formula due to price & the fragile nature of the boards. Though I understand the formula EXPERIENCE is cheaper & stronger. Depending on your current skill level, I expect that the futura & GO would be easier to develop your skills on due to the option to have more inboard footstraps ie. if you are not currently planning in footstraps, these boards will be easier to learn on. Having said all the above, I would have to defer to another heavy weight & the ability of a Future or GO to consistently plane & go fast in 11-12 knots.

BTW you comment about the size of the boards - all these new boards are very wide & therefore stable when moving slow vs older long but narrow boards.

Regarding on-line: I've done both. I've always tried to first go local though it seems on average to cost more. If the local dealer can't come close in price, I go on-line. Some online give good customer service and have been around for perhaps as long as local. I've been lucky & have had few problems. Make sure you fullyinspect any gear before accepting it from the courrier.

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