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Mike T
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Not sure where your located at, but I sent NSI in Hood River OR a paper template for a pad for an old Mistral superlight and they cut it and then mailed it to me. I would get in touch with them I've removed the pads on a SB hypersonic because the pad was pealing off and it was easy with a random orbital sander with 60 & 80 grit sandpaper I also removed the pads on another boards using a razor blade and filleted them off the board and then sanded the small pieces that did'nt want to come off. But a SB Start not sure what would be the best way to remove the EVA it would take alot of sanding or fillet it off with a razor blade Still lots of blades and then sand the rest. It's going to be a huge undertaking if you 30 boards too do! What about getting some fabric Dye to get the color back or make some kind of design with the new eva and replace the worn or bad areas so you don't have to replace it all, Just an idea! I would really look closely at the cost and the TIME it would take to get the old stuff off and the new stuff back on. Hope this helps good luck. Michael
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