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sailed my 3.3m rock today in river not ocean. on my kinetic 80 litre slalom board and 25 fin.

wind very gusty, graph shows hit 32 knots. in lulls around 10 knots.

for a one sail below 5.0m, the 3.3m is too small! a 3.7 to 3.9m would have been a better allrounder.

i managed to get it planing around the 20/22 knot mark.

powered up sailing around the 25 knot mark.

ideal wind for me[in flat water] with this 3.3m, i think around 28 knots.

was continually falling off plane as wind was gusty.

in lulls was losing around 5 to 10 knots of boardspeed. very frustrating.

in 30 knot gusts was fast and controllable.

sheeted out maybe 3 or 4 times in 2 hours of sailing.

only legs a little tired at end of sailing, a huge change from
sailing my 5.0m vapor in these conditions.

put gps on, best 3 runs around 30 knots. fastest was 30.3 knots.

a great sail to use in ocean where wind is consistent, in sheltered water forget it.

the 4.3m ka race sail probably my next sail to fill the gap.

overall not unhappy with my $1000 purchase for boom ,mast and sail.

for the first time ever i was actually enjoying sailing in 30 knots.
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