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Mike T
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I'll guess that your getting a 490/29 for the 8.5 and a 460/25 for the 6.5 sail. I would probably go with the two extensions vs one long one ( one short and one med). The reason is most mast manufactures give a limit to how much extension should go up into the mast and how far to extend a mast for bigger sails (because it puts the booms outside the reinforced boom area). Like using a 460 with big extension on a sail that requires a 480 or longer mast it can work but not ideal. As far a carbon vs aluminum you trim a little bit of weight but not much if you go with the shorter extensions, Also the weight is down low so you probably won't notice it all that much. I use carbon ext. for 8.5 to 6.0 and short aluminum from 5.5 down to 3.7, most of my sail are in the 12 to 24cm of extension length. Also if you get two you can rig the 8.5 and if the wind picks up you can rig the 6.5 without taking the 8.5 completely apart to rig the 6.5. Hope this helps! Michael
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