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Yes the 3.3 is probably a wee bit small.
However, you've got it, you'll love and cherish it and it will last you many years !
You now need a 4.0.
I was in Perth for 3 weeks (20 years ago) with an Energy XR and just one rig (a 6.0 NP race-forgotten which one!). I was then about 80 kgs and I used it on the Swan, Freo, Cotto and Bunbury for some racing.
I cant remember ever being overpowered.
I've also been to Penghu where its regularly 35-50 knots.
Albeau and Bringdal went down from 5.0 race sails to 4.0 wave sails.
I finished up buying a 4.0 NP combat wave and was staggered at how stable it was.
Good luck ! You are in a great place.
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