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Default Screamer RD x Isonic


I'm far from being professional, but like to go fast and consider myself to have advanced sailing skills. I'm heavy (98kg) and have a 2008 Mistral RD screamer 133l which is 73cm wide, however according to the german surf magazine the actual volume is closer to 140l.

My question basically is if I would get any significant advantage in early planning, wind range and TOW if I'd move to an isonic 144l? The wind were I will sail (moving to a different place in some months) is around 9-15knots most of the time.

All in all I'm quite happy with my board, but with less wind I have to do lots of pumping to get it going since the max sail size is 8,4 (according to mistral).

All comments and/or other suggestions are welcome.
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