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Default Kode 74 or Quad Convertible 76 which would suit best?

I currently have a Kode 103, and 4.2/4.7/5.5/6.5 sails the two smallers sails I bought for a waveboard, for some time in the future as I can use the two smaller sails properly in shallow flat water only.

I started about about a year ago, and are starting to become comfortable sailing the kode 103, can tack it and about to start learning to carve gybe, and can waterstart well.

I am looking for a board for the 4.2/4.7 with the ability to handle the 5.5 when needed. I am considering Kode 74 or the quad convertible 76.

I am not yet comfortable hitting waves at speed, and maximum speed is not really my thing but my next goal is mastering bump and jump, and carve gybes

Which of these boards would suit me best? I sail mostly is the small surf of south east england.

The quad convertible, is appealing with its single fin option, and low clearance of the four fins in shallow surf.
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