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Hi Vitor,
OK, now we have a much clearer frame of reference.
Have you looked at the GO 175 liter for 2010.
If you want to buy a new board, from the Starboard line,
the 253 long x 91 cm wide GO 175 is the most suitable for
a 120 Kg. (264.5 lb.) sailor.
I'll take a guess that you have been hiring the 9.0 m2 school sail
and the Naish 160 liter.
At your currrent skill level, I would not recommend going smaller.
The Apollo I would still keep on your list as the additional width
(esp. in the nose) could work really well to get you planing sooner.
When you go looking for a rig, at your size, something around 10.5 m2
would probably be best in the 12-18 knot range.
You have the size and weight to sail a 10.5 m2 al the wway up to at least
20 knots with a little tuning. Try to look for a Free Race sail (either with
no cams or 2 or 3 cams) as this type of sail has the most low end power
to get you planing as early as possible.
Hope this helps,
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