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Like me then. Tough call. When speaking Kode, the 74 and 80 are in fact not so far apart. For pure wave sailing the 74 would give you the biggest range overall and it can take 5.5 with a bigger fin. But for more B&J style sailing, the 80 will in the end probably be better, at least if you don't encounter the powered up 4.2 days too often. It's a very controllable and secure ride and the tail is narrow and smooth so it's easier than volume and width indicate in windy stuff. And when not fully powered up it's a more stable platform which might be good when coming from the 103.

But if you're still thinking about the Quad, the reasoning goes sort fo the other way... the 76 is boarderline on being to big for 4.2. You need some experience in "holding it together" to do it comfortably at your weight , I reckon. For sure lots and lots easier than with the 103 though (to put it in perspective). But the Quad 71 is an option too. It will get sinky at standstill, but due to to planshap not that bad. And it can take a 5.5. In convertible mode you can trim it for extra sail carrying capability with a 2+1 setup (side fins and a center fin in the 17-20 range). It's in fact not much narrower than the Kode 80 and even though it has more rocker, it also has a bit harder rails the compensate.

Options, options...
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