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Default Get me planing in light breezes and make me fast

Hi !
I have a tabou rocket 125 (standard version 2009) and a severne ncx 8.0 (2009). I will buy a ncx pro 6,5 to replace my gaastra remedy 6,4 (2006).
My local spot is a light wind spot, and the wind varies quite a lot(gusty) and there is usually a lot of chop. My smaller board is a fsw 104 liters.
Im looking for a board-sail combo which gives me the even better planing, as early as possible, but at the same time I need a bit of top end because the wind varies and it is choppy conditions (and I dont like to be slow..).
I guess I am intermediate-advanced (working on those full planing jibes-so the board has to be a good tutor for full plane jibing)and my weight is 89 kg.
Im looking to Futura 133 (carbon)- is this i good choice?
I think it is more difficult to choose sail- is it necessary to change my ncx 8,0 at all? is there much to gain by changing it for an element 8,5? element 9,5? glide 8,5? ncx pro 9,0?

Thankful for any answers
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