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Originally Posted by Lessacher View Post
I must smile, You cannot hear so much from me. I work allone, only carbon fins, and when
I write something here, no answer, okay its no problem for me. That what I work is outside of the box. Doubleasymm. fins for both tacks, such a nons.....
And a cut out at the base, and no spin outs, and fast. And now that: 50 knots topspeed
GPS with Thomas Döblin with such a fin. And sorry, he is good, but a weekend Windsurfer.
I work day and night fins,when I write here something, than will I help and notmake money.

Hi Wolfgang

Your name sounds like German if I am right and you if You express your self better in German please feel free to answer in German.
Your message was a little technical and not quite clear for me.So, I was not sure it was a too technical expert type sailor fin or incl. amateur surfers like me.So, It was kind of apologise not writing back Wolfgang

Let me try to explaine what I am looking for.I am not completely focused on speed.First prıority is to enjoy windsurfing without loosing much the confort zone.Considering that main idea of course I will improve my best speed just for my own fun.
A Shallower cutout,no spinouts+fast all sound fantastic.
Could you please tell me your fins are as userfriendly as Dreake fins or Tectonics or Mfc?
Are your fins suıtable to use with Starboard Futura?
No difference in gybe than usual fins?

If the answers are yes I would say I am very much interested with your fins.
Where I am sailing the water is really shallow in some areas and tha angel of your fins means less depth requirement.

I have F 111 and 133 and consider to add a F 93.What size of your fins will be ok for my Boards?

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