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Hallo Tmac! I am from Austria, but very long years in Germany, Ruhrgebiet.
Oberhausen. 100m to Essen. I am 68 years old or young. Windsurfing since 39 years.
The most weekends in Netherland for windsurfing and testing fins. Weed and shallow water.
The Rake 30 fin is fast, downwind easy to use, upwind very good. Userfriendly ?
My fins make no spin outs, know you the feeling, to be free in your head? There I work
in 100% carbon is the reaction faster. For 111 is 28cm , she is 35cm long.
For 133 is 35cm , she is 43cm long.
For 93 is 25cm, she is 31cm long.
All 3 have Tuttlebox. All other boxes are no problem for me.
Tuttle normal or deep. Powerbox. Trimbox. US Box. Tiga box 2 screws or for wave with
only one screw. I can send you fins for testing, than yes or no. No problem for me.
If you want something, mail me. Wolfgang
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