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Default Setup i76 for first time speed board

I tried out my i76 for the first time yesterday at Sandy Point with a demo RSR 5.5m. The Sail worked well, but I need to work on getting use to the board and set it up better and work on my stance.

My setup was both front and back foot straps set in the inbound setting, with the front ones forward and back ones in the middle. The mast foot was about 1cm forward from centre. I am about 62 and about 80kgs, using a waist harness. My stance may have been more up right as habit from wave and freestyle sailing, plus using the waist harness. I will try a seat harness some time when I'm more comfortable with the board.

The problems I had yesterday was;
1. the nose seem to be bit too high off the water
2. my left front foot did not feel very secure in the foot strap, especially through the chop
3. the cut away from the sail clew kept catching in the water

Any advice on how to setup i76 for first time speed sailor would be great. Thanks in advance.

PS: I have posted the same question on the Seabreeze forum. Another i76 owner has the same problem with the front left foot strap, where he kept feeling like he was coming out of the strap and eventually he catapulted and now does not use the board. This too happen to me. Is there a issue with the i76 front left foot strap location?
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