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Hi Peterk,
I've found that the batten above the boom comes back a little further (like just skimming the back of the mast.
With an RDM, I'd play the position of the front of the batten against the tuning mark in the 3rd panel of the sail and see where you are relative to both "indicators".
Normally with an RDM (esp. the Sailworks Backbone which has it's bend characteristics modified to "simulate" a SDM of the same length and IMCS numbers) either the tuning mark ends up being a little off, or the batten above the boom ends up leaving the luff sleeve pretty loose in the boom area. This "fills out" nicely when you really get the sail loaded up with wind, so it's not really a problem.
I'd say try to achieve both "tuning marks with the same setting, and if that doesn't work with your selected RDM, then try one of the tuning indicators, then the other and see which makes the sail feel the best to you and give you the power and control you want.
It's a very dynamic situation, and you'll need to do some experimenting and adjusting until you get it the way that works best for you in your conditions.
Hope this helps,
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