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Knee support was fine until I tried to sail in it.It would not stay in correct position.(It always worked down my leg!!!)For walking etc it was ok . Suspect only thing they offer is confidence.Not sure of make but it was fully adjustable for knee reflex angle and had titanium arms/carbon fibre plates. (Cost circa 400)

As poster above also says reckon best bet is loads of cycling with as little impact as possible.

PS I worked my but off as well but in our group at physio (all ACL replacement/rebuild) I was last to get back to something approaching full recovery but mine has continued to improve. (I might have been doing too much at physio ; and doing things I should not have,(according to private physio) I was told (At NHS) to go on jogging machine at every session ; I`m pretty convinced it was making me worse !!! But I certainly cant grumble now. Its great.

Good luck
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