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Default Changing Fin Instead of Sail For Windrange

Hi all,

Today I sailed with my 5.8m in force 6, gusting at 7 (according to anemometers). Although after 2 hours I was finished it wasn't impossible (surprising at my 54kgs).

I used a really small fin (28cm) and inboard straps but I don't really like the fin, quite a bit of spinout.

I'm thinking of getting a 32cm Freeslam from Select for use with my 5.8m on medium - strong wind days. Would this be a good choice? I already have a JP Super X 36cm fin which works super well in light wind.

Recently my 5.3m got stolen at the beach and I figured instead of buying a whole new sail, as after today I see that the windrange of my 5.8m is huge, I could just get a better, smaller fin... any comments?
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
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