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Default Question on iSonic 101 (2008)

I am an intermediate sailor who can waterstart, competent in footstrap sailing, 50% success rate on carving gybes. I use my JP superX 96 and 86 most of the time.

I also own an IS101 as a spared board for the milder days. I didn't really try it thoroughly after buying that for half a year until recently there was chance that I can use the board in choppy full-on condition.

Below are the parameters:
Weight 60kg
Wind ranges 12-15 knots
Naish Boxer SL 7.0 (twin cam), 1cm more than the recommend downhaul
F2 G10 Slalom 36 Fin (Stock fin of F2SX 105)
Mast track 1cm to the back of the recommended mark (to compensate the sinking nose)
Footstrap mounted to the 2nd hole from the tail

Came up with the following problems

1. The board tends to go upwind spontanesouly. That's the behavior the board exhibits at a comfortably powered up situation.

2. Crank the nose down can be scary. I have to adopt a strange sailing stance if I have to stay in a beam reach course. It felt like I could never sheet in enough unless I pull my back hand and tip my front foot more that I used to. Tried to tuned my powerline (shorten & lengthen, forward & backward) but unfortunately there's no luck.

3. Heel drag happened sometimes.

It ended up not as enjoyable as using my SuperX to be honest. My friend who is 20kg heavier than I owns a 2007 version of the board. He also experienced the same problem on the same day with 7.0 Mauisail MS2. He became the most wind-ward guy than anyone else on the water that day. My friend has been with his F2SX105 and it is claimed that his SX is not as technical to ride as the iSonic in terms of steering although both of them are of the slalom category.

I was thinking if I should try to move both the mast track and footstrap forward for my light weight (Although nose lift is not really a problem for me)

My friend, however, recently read from NP09 catalog that the pros like F192 ride the board by putting the mast track at a far back position even on a 7.8 NP-RS. He's gonna try it later to see if this work for him as well.

We're adopting a trial and error approach to work out the best way of riding this board. I know that it's a popular board that wins many competition and magazine tests. There should be some way that it can be tuned to give high-performance or at least not as difficult to ride as what was expereinced.

Does anyone has further tuning tips to give?


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