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For me slalom boards feel better with a nose low attitude and bump & jump boards better with a nose high attitude. I move the mast track back for B&J but move it forward for slalom.

A 36 cm with a 7.0 in 12-15 knts sounds fine for me at around 80 kg, but it may be too much for you at 60 kg. The thing that tells me you are running too much fin is that your heels are digging into the water. It sounds like you are in a struggle to prevent the board from heeling to leeward which is a sure sign of too much fin. Ridding a board on its windward rail instead of sailing it flat is going to make the board want to carve up wind. So I’d agree with Deja Vu on tuning by moving the mast track forward 1 cm at a time and trying a smaller fin.

Also, if you move your mast track forward, raise your boom a little bit each time. Moving the mast track forward forces the sail to rake back a little more each time. Raising your boom helps keep your attachment point or tuning triangle the same.


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