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Hi Mark, I am about your same weight (70) and I own a Acid 74, which is about the same size of a Kode (I think 0.5 cm wider/5 cm longer). The Acid starts to get big in 3.7 conditions. I used to have a Chango 65 that was a dream in powered up 4.2-3.5 but the problem was that it was the ultimate sinker, and there was not a single exit without long periods struggling to get going, so I sold it and now I struggle a bit in the nuking days.

If the Kode 74 is a bit slower/controllable than the Acid (I don't know) it might be all you need, and it will keep a somewhat acceptable gap with your next board. The Kode 68 is a sure bet. Is it too small? Hard to tell and I would also be interested in comments from the team.

Safest would be to keep what you have and add the Kode 68, given the little value of used equipment it might be the best solution, I have a lot of friends doing B&J and waves and they do have a 3 boards quiver: 68-80/85-100 cover most conditions at our weight, 74-100 might also work.

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