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Default volume

thnx for the anwsers, they are not confusing actually. i would never buy a 90 liter fsw. i like a dedicated freestyleboard in 100 liter and would not part with it

so i guess the kode 74 would partner it okay. although that at full power 3.7 wind if i understand davide correct it has not the limitless topend as i look for. but a hell of a lot better as my current wavecult 80 that gets blown away. even the kode 74 might be a bit smaller footprint as the acid 74 of davide's. will be on the lookout for a kode 74 secondhand as of now

a kode 68 would probably be to small in volume for the gusty winds here.

did some reading on this forum, interesting ola claims that besides width , also length is important regarding boards gettn blown ot of the water. would a 230 board * 55,5 be okay ?
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