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Hi Guys, thanks for your reactions. I have put my question on the free forum, because there is the best interaction .Peter Hart's Forum is also an option. I think he would be a good teacher , but I do not know how to involve him.( Maybe an new thread on his forum?).Agrelon thanks for your article.I am familiar with it. Still I like to know more in a sheet, where the weight remains. Like in school with vectors to understand what is the best position to hang out. Hopefully I can than understand when you have to use your in/out board settings instead of this comes by the way of the surfing style. Hopefully my English
is good enough to understand my answer. And Farlo; Jim Drake would be the best candidate,
because he has been involved in the old school( windsurfer) and the new school( SB). So he
really knows everything about windsurfing. Let's ask him to make an update of his latest article.
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