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Agrelon, I'm 62 kg, and I've being chasing low end planning threshold for a long time now,
currently I use custom (lower volume/shorter/lighter ver of Mike's Lab L8) with 10 or 11 m2
race sail. Here's some info for you, to plane extra yearly you'll need at least 10m2 sail, super soft/wide 70+ cm fin, formula or 90+cm wide race board, short lenght is also good since it's more reactive to pumping, and a really good pumping technique.
7.5 sail m2 sail is too small, you might be able to get relativelly good planning results
with Isonic 133 and 9.0 m2, but Futura will not do it, you need clean sharp release/low weight that only race boards have. Formula will also provide much better angles, on
I133 it still will be BAF.
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