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thanks for the responsed guys. i thought i posted a response last night, but it's not posted for whatever reason...
i checked out thules website and couldnt find a box that would fit the 8.5, like joe_windsurfer's buddy. i live in a nice section of town, but because of on-street parking everything comes inside everyday, so i think a quiver bag would better fit my needs. i can just unstrap the bag everday, and carry/ store everything together. i found some decent quiver bags on manufacturer websites, but nothing on dealer sites. i live in pittsburgh, pa, so there are no surf shops around whatsoever and i depend on online vendors to buy my sailing equipment. i'm not sure if we can post links to websites on this forum, but if we are allowed and any of you know of a dealer that sells such quivers, i'd be real grateful for a link. thanks again.
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