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eric b 125
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i dont really even know what questions to ask, though. like when you say:
- downhaul as hard as you can - maybe if sail is too big for conditions or over-powered and not much time left

why would more downhaul help if the sail is too big for conditions? what does putting more downhaul do? in my head, it flattens the sail out so wind spills from it, rather than the sail catching the wind and producing power. but how is that any different from more outhaul?

i can understand the change in sail shape with different amounts of outhaul- it changes the 'depth of the pocket' in the sail (best way i could put words to what i'm thinking). but as far as downhaul is concerned, how does that change the sail shape? and how will i know to put +/- downhaul or outhaul?

i'm sure a lot of this comes with experience and trial and error, but since it's the off season i'd like to have a baseline understanding of the different tuning effects.
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