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Hey Eric! What brand, model, and year sails do you have? What masts do you have? Hopefully, you have the recommended masts. If you do, we can all take a look at the online rigging guides together.

There's really no magic to it and no real experience needed to rig correctly UNLESS your sail only has measurements. The easiest sails have the visual indicators on them that I mentioned earlier. The next easiest group of sails will have a guide showing pictures of what the sail will look like when rigged correctly. They may say something like 'for maximum power, downhaul the sail until the crease on the second panel extends 1/4 in' or something like that.

Those sails that don't have any pictures or indicators, and only have cm ranges for outhaul and downhaul get confusing. Folks get a picture in their minds about what a sail is supposed to look like (since there are no REAL pictures), and rig it that way. It may look nothing like what the designer meant for it to look like. Look at 9. on this link vs. the sail in this link If you rig all of your sails the same way, you'll have problems.
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