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eric b 125
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i checked out the rigging guide that came with one of my sails, and i've also visited the gaastra website, to see the proper rigging of the sails i have. i'm just not sure what the +/- downhaul and outhaul do to the sail's performance. i've been doing as much reading as i can and asking whatever questions i have since i wont be able to do any trial and error for a few months. i'll read posts about sail size and wind force, and there will inevitably be a response about, "try giving 1 cm more downhaul", "next time ease up on the outhaul". and i never understood, why?

i have two sails: an 8.5 gaastra maxtrix on a 490, and a 6.5 gaastra pilot on a 460. (both sails are 2008) the reason i am concerned with the forces that are involved, is so i can tune my sails if i want more power for the 8.5, or less power in the 6.5. or would you guys suggest just rigging to gaastra's specs and forgetting trying to get more or less out of the sails?
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