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Eric, in the future, please give us the details of your rig, conditions you sail in and yourself when asking questions. That way we can give specific answers based on your size, where you sail, your board and sail.

The following are rigging instructions I use for rigging clinics at club meetings. They are based on Sailworks sails but work for any new generation sail.

Downhaul controls base power of sail by controlling shape of the foil in sail, by changing downhaul I can sail a 5.4 in either 24 mph or 32 mph of wind. Outhaul then finalizes sail tension out to clew and should always be reset when downhaul is changed. Outhaul can be used to add or subtract small amounts of power.

Lay sail out, note measurements, try to adjust top short so normal sailing is in the second hole or more on a 2 cm extension. Tape mast together. Insert into mast sleeve trying to keep sail from bunching.
Insert line into pulleys. Downhaul lightly to approx 1 shakra from bottom. Attach boom at bottom of cutout. Tension outhaul loosely (non chambered). Downhaul to where you want power to be based on manufactures recommendations using marks on sail. You can also look at the batten above the boom. Should be in middle of boom with outhaul set. Set boom height to what you like. Tension outhaul to neutral (fingers slides on line.) then add 2 to 3 cm more outhaul. When you adjust downhaul you must readjust outhaul.
Tighten battens. Lower battens will be tensioned higher. Look along batten pocket and get rid of wrinkles. On new sail recheck at regular intervals.
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