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Hi Agrelon,
IMHO, the best sails for earliest planing are the Free Race designs.
Sailworks Retro, Gaastra GTX, NP V8, Severne Overdrive, NCX, and Glide.
These sails have the deepest draft (when rigged for light wind planing) so they give the best low wind power.
They have a huge tuning range where they work pretty well.
They are not the lean mean race sails that can be sailed grossly overpowered and are designed for top speeds, and stability in overpowered racing conditions.
These are formula race sails and normally have a somewhat limited range of tuning where they work the best.
They are also not flatter free race sails with even more limited tuning range, alot less draft.
The free race type sails (both cambered and camless) can be rigged with very deep draft, fairly tight leeches, so they have very good low wind power and can be pumped easily and effectively.
They can be leaned out, for better higher wind performance with more downhaul (to induce more twist and scallop in the upper panels) and more outhaul to flatten the lower panels in the sail. They cannot be leaned out enough to reach the same stability levels and top end speed as pure multi cam race sails, but the Sailworks Retro
has had some success in pretty high level races.

The width and lightness of a board for a 54 Kg. sailor can make all the difference.
If possible find a board that's at least 90 cm wide (older formula board, F-Type, or the one I think is the overall earliest planer on the planet for someone your size would be the '04 Free Formula 138.
Check this link:
I had one of these, and I regret having given it to someone else on the team who has become the early planing queen at her sailing site.
It's very early planing, very fast once planing and goes through lulls like they aren't there.
96 cm wide makes it alot easier to sail, for a lighter weight sailor, than the larger/wider Formula, and F Type.
Also, you might want to look at some of the earlier Pro-Kids formula boards, the F-136
etc as they are designed for early planing for lightweight sailors.
Hope this helps,

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