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For early planing I would personally recommend the neil pryde " helium" rather than the v-8.
Ive compared both , "compared " being in sailed/raced the helium and my friend sailed the V-8 in heavy airs , we sailed both in light airs. And compared notes.
While the v-8 has alot more range in the top end, and it remains a comfortable sail in big gusts where one needs good draft stability .
However for light airs its a heavily built sail and as such feels heavy in light airs on the boom.
The helium is a lighter sail,feels lighter on the boom. Its performs good in medium air but loses it in big winds. You can really slack off the outhaul and make a huge draft. This works great off the wind, and this draft extends higher up the sail into the leech, then with the v-8 which has a floppier leech.

It is also more pumpable then the v-8.

again this is IMHO.

Jeff E of Canada

P.S. just got a maui sails MS-2 9.5 we shall see how this sail compares when the ice clears.
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