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Vikingsail pretty much nailed it with his rigging description.

All sails can be rigged for a variety of conditions, even if the manufacture has only one rigging specification. If you are on your largest sail and the wind is marginal, you back off the down haul for a deeper foil and more power. If the wind picks up a bit you can increase the down haul to recommended specifications. If the wind really picks up and you don't want to re-rig, add more down haul to flatten the sails and make the leach really loose. Of course, the outhaul needs to be adjusted accordingly, and for those that that have an on the water adjustable outhaul, you can bag or flatten the sail as needed as lulls and gusts come through.

If you are not using the mast that the sail designer based his sail design around, you may not be able to achieve the desired rigging results. Another brand of mast with identical carbon %, length and IMCS rating may not rig correctly because of different flex characteristics. No way to know if it will perform to specifications unless someone with a lot of experience looks at or sails your rig.
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