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For some reason, I can't open it. But hopefully, Eric, Gaastra will give you some good guidance on adjustment limits on your sails. (And then, start shipping it with their sails, and add it to their website.)

Most modern sails, for example, the Sailworks sails for which you've seen the rigging guide, have TONS of wind range. I made a comment earlier in the thread, to one of Joe's comments about 'personal preference' that wasn't very constructive. But there IS personnal preference within manufacturer rigging limits.

The first thing is that, since alot of these sails have such large wind ranges, you may actually have to choose between rigging a bigger sail flat (at the upper range of downhaul/outhaul) or a smaller size full (at the lower end of downhaul/outhaul). The flat, bigger sail, and I'm not sure about this, will probably have a lower center of effort, be more stable, and have a higher top end speed, but, being bigger, will be more difficult to handle in transitions.

Here's another personal preference issue. I prefer to keep money in my pocket. Earlier, someone mentioned that they thought professional sailors only used one setting, the optimum setting. If you always want to be at optimum settings, you, like the pro's, will have to own lots of different sails.

One more personal preference issue, again, while staying within specs. On most modern, highly tuneable sails, you'll develop a preference based on what type of sailing you want to do that day, or what kind of feel you want. If identical twins were out sailing on the exact same equipment, one may rig his sail flat if he wants max gps speed or a stable feeling that comes with the resulting low center of effort. The other may rig the sail at the fuller limits because he prefers to stay powered through lulls, improve power out of transitions, or maximize hang time when jumping. Of course, his sail will be more twitchy due to its higher center of effort.
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