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Default New gear for beginner

Hi All,
I am looking to buy my first board/rig and I need lot of advice.
I weigh 83kg (183 Lbs). I am a beginner trying to make the jump to intermediate level. I can tack, jibe, in harness most of the time, in straps sometimes, planing for short period of times, I tried water starting but I am not there yet.

I mostly used gear from a local sailing club on the weekend days for the last three years. However, I can use the club gear only at one location where the wind is 6-10 knots most of the time (10-15 at times). I used boards with 140-160L and sails 6.5 to 9.5.
There is another local windsurfing spot with winds 15-25 knots but I can go there only if I buy my own gear. I believe that with higher winds I can improve faster and have more fun.
My goal for this season is to learn waterstarting and get on planing most of the time. I am tired of just being on the water. I want some fun

I think about buying a board Go or Futura (144/141 or 155L) with two sails (6-7 sail for the high-wind spot, and 8-9 sail for the low-wind spot). Should I buy a full rig (sail, boom, mast, extension) from one of the on-line stores?

Any advise is really appreciated. Thank you!

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