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Lanee and Ken,
Tom (vikingsail) knows alot about rigging sails. That's why we invited him to become a member of the east coast Sailworks/Starboard demo team.
Tom and Johan rig the sails, I critique their rigging (we use alot of 100% carbon masts in our demos because they are lighter and make the sails rig and perform better).
Then one of us usually tries a few of the rigs out.
When we are pretty sure we have them rigged as Bruce P. designed them, we turn them loose to the demo customers.
If we have any issues with a particular sail or mast, we often call the Sailworks loft for guidance from the guy who designs them, or the guys who actually sew up and test all the prototypes.
When in doubt, we take photos and email them to the loft for their analysis.
If a customer takes one of our demo rigs out and does not feel it performs correctly then we will for sure take that rig out on the water (on the same Starboard if possible) and see what's up, so we can determine if we can somehow adjust the rigging to make it better.
Interesting discussion here.
I vote with Lanee, Tom, and Ken... rig it the way the designer intended, on the recommended "best" mast, and you are almost guaranteed to get the best performance.
If you want the sail to do something else or want to use it out of it's intended design range, you can do that as well, but starting with the basics (per the design lofts rigging instructions) is absolutely the best place to start.
If the design loft for your particular sail does not give you good rigging guides and instructions, maybe think about changing lofts?

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