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Hi Ken,
The windy spot (15-25 knots, Squamish, BC, Canada, cold river water) is 1.5 hours drive from my place. The low wind spot (5-15 knots, Jericho, BC) is only 45minutes drive from my place.
Due to the time constrains I can go windsurfing only on weekends. Most probably I will get on the water once a week. Additionally, I plan to have one week vacation at Gorge.

My goal is to have fun on the water (I like speed) but for this I need to learn some new skills (getting in the foot straps, planing, and waterstart). I never used a board with volume less than 145L so I am afraid to learn the above skills on a new small board.

My (novice) idea was to buy a 144L board with a small sail, go to the windy spot and learn the new skills. Once I master the new skills, I get a small board (110L) and I keep the large board for the low wind spot with a big sail. However, I may be wrong.

From a different forum I found that other people (same weight, better skills) use the below gear at the windy spot:
"Light days (S 18-20 kts) 115L Board / 6.2 Sail
Medium typical days (S 20-25 kts) 104L Board / 5.2 Sail
Windier days (S 25-30 kts) 76L Board / 4.6 Sail"

Thank you for your advice.
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